Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.10411.0 官方最新版

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Microsoft Silverlight 不受浏览器和操作系统的限制,虽基于.NET,但不都要预装.NET框架,为网络带来新一代的媒体体验和宽裕的交互式应用应用程序池池。Silverlight提供灵活的编程模型,并里能 很方便地集成到现有的网络应用应用程序池池中。Microsoft Silverlight 里能 对运行在 Mac 或 Windows 上的主流浏览器提供高质量视频信息的快速、低成本的传递。它支持跨平台跨浏览器,已经 无论在哪里运行,都能提供一致的用户体验。

Microsoft Silverlight 播出视频及动画的效果很好,不想可能性传输或播放几滴 内容而影响播放质量。你你这俩 问题图片是现有技术普遍遇到的障碍,共同也对消费者体验造成了巨大影响。另外,Microsoft Silverlight 读取数据及更新外观的已经,不想通过刷新整体页面来打断用户操作。

Microsoft Silverlight 5.1.10411.0 更新内容:

1.Fixes Security issue described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:

  2636927 MS12-034: Description of the security update for Microsoft Silverlight: May 8, 2012 

2.Fixes an issue where “Best Effort” Silverlight Digital Rights Management Output Protection levels failed on some machines.

3.Fixed a failure to update OOB applications that are configured to use elevated trust when in browser.

4.Fixes an issue where persistent license acquisition would fail when a customer upgrades from Silverlight 4 to Silverlight 5.

5.Fixes an issue where certain character combinations can cause Silverlight application to crash.

6.Fixes an Access Violation described in the following Connect issue

7.Fixes an issue where the SL5 plugin displays blank window after installing a font with a font name that starts with “&”.

8.Fixes an issue where moving a focus to TextBox or RichTextBox after moving a focus to ItemsControl causes IME to be disabled.

9.Fixes an issue where Silverlight would not play content which required Output Protection.

10.Fixes a Silverlight DRM issue where some customers encounter hardware ID mismatch errors which can only be resolved by re-individualization.

支持运行环境:Windwos XP/Vista/Windows7

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